Too Many Empty Seats

Improving Current Methods


  • Current industry technology and business processes don’t or can't focus on or support the candidate. 
  • Low unemployment rates means high turnover!  Talent is walking out the door.
  • But unemployment/under-employment still exists in many industry segments.
  • Student loan burdens and defaults are rising, impacting millennials and their families.
  • Finding candidates lost in the black hole of the current online job search paradigm—too many resumes and job requisitions in the online ether = chaos = bad matches or no matches=no feedback=poor search experience.
  • A direct, two-sided need exists NOW to connect employers with candidates. JobXü’s built in video conferencing, video portrait, and other secure communication features allow candidates to connect visually, orally and by text/email from either direction.
  • JobXü promotes all things that make candidates unique to introduce “the whole candidate” creating a match, reducing turnover and making all participant happy. 
  • JobXü leverages, clarifies, and projects military qualifications and experience.
  • JobXü identifies work style traits and preferences, occupations, and training programs where candidates are likely to succeed, and the criteria to meet job specifications posted by employers.
  • JobXü organizes all the candidate’s employment information in a single place = JobVault.
  • Career centers are understaffed and underfunded rendering them ineffective.
  • Apprenticeship providers should focus on training not job hunting