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JobXü is the one solution that works for candidates, employers of all sizes, non-profits, career centers, higher education institutions, and training service providers to find one another and communicate directly.  Candidates take control by presenting the "whole person" and rate what is important to them, while everyone else can rate the attributes of what the consider an ideal candidate. 

Why we are different for seekers


You have one place to go and our algorithms handle the rest.

Candidates and those just looking for something new:

  • Free self-assessment and see what others like you love, and succeed doing
    • Find opportunities locally or nationally
  • Rate your experiences, jobs, employers, education and training
  • Your military experience is displayed and also converted to the civilian  equivalent so you and employers are on the same page
  • Market yourself directly to employer hiring managers and training programs  
  • Keep all employment Information in one secure “data vault” for entire career/life
  • Enable, participate, and encourage user self-managed social communities with peer-to-peer and peer- to-employer communications     

Why we are different for employers and educators


Our users have told us we are "LinkedIn meets Match.com"

  • Quickly and efficiently identify best-fit candidates
    • Soft and hard skills, corporate culture, experiences, volunteerism, education and more   
  • Increase your  reach and compare new recruiting markets to existing success metrics 
  • Evolve best-of-breed selection criteria 
  • Target both government and private candidates 
  • Improve brand with direct marketing
  • Standardize and rate candidates
  • Enable “big data” capture & analytics 
  • Build segmented pipelines (diversity, military, college, tech school, etc.)
  • Passively and Actively recruit
  • Communicate with potential candidates 

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