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  • Just Added Member Profiles

    • Syracuse University: Political Science
    • Syracuse University: Economics
    • Providence College: Marketing
    • SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry: Environmental
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst: Kinesiology
    • Syracuse University: Social and Human Services
    • Northeastern University: Psychology
    • Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania: Management
    • Syracuse University: Customized Major
    • Catholic University of America: Nursing

  • Just Added Member Experience

    • Human Resources/Staffing - Management Occupations
    • Charities/Foundations/Non-Profits - Community and Social Service Occupations
    • Leisure/Sports/Recreation - Management Occupations
    • Advertising/Creative - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
    • Hospitality - Protective Service Occupations
    • Retail - Management Occupations
    • Communications/Media - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
    • Leisure/Sports/Recreation - Personal Care and Service Occupations
    • Retail - Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
    • Retail - Business and Financial Operations Occupations

  • Just Added Job Profiles

    • Sales and Related Occupations: Accounting/Professional Services , Retail
    • Business and Financial Operations Occupations: Food/Beverage , Hospitality , Leisure/Sports/Recreation
    • Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations: Charities/Foundations/Non-Profits , Government/Public Administration , Healthcare
    • Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations: Chemical , Healthcare , Pharmaceutical/Biotech
    • Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations: Advertising/Creative , Automotive , Communications/Media , Leisure/Sports/Recreation
    • Sales and Related Occupations: Accounting/Professional Services , Aerospace , Computer Software/Hardware , Defense , Information , Pharmaceutical/Biotech
    • Sales and Related Occupations: Banking/Finance , Insurance
    • Business and Financial Operations Occupations:

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    "The Job assessment and career exploration tool was great; So was the ability to define what matters to me on my next job, and then I got a great job through Job. I highly recommend it."

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    "Placement is incredibly important for us and we use a variety of systems to help our students but nothing is as comprehensive and useful as Job".

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    "Finding the right employees is critical, yet time consuming. Using the flexible parameters in the Job system ensures that the people we hire will be an excellent fit."

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Keyword scanning, filtering by academic major, GPA and other measures for matching candidates to jobs are inefficient and won't help you find a job to address your interests and ensure a fit between your capabilities and the needs of your prospective employer. Job's variably weighed matching is innovated and different. It allows job seekers and employers to identify and weigh their concerns.


"As a University, we are extremely motivated to place our graduates. Job allows us to expand our traditional approach; it helps us characterize and assess our students to better understand them as individuals. We can then effectively match traits against the needs of our hiring companies resulting in happier graduates and satisfied employers."


"Previously we had a hiring system, which used conventional search methodologies; which yielded too many resumes and not enough prospective candidates. Job allows us to identify the issues and characteristics that are vital to our organization and hire accordingly. In addition, Job is a SaaS solution, which allows us to use it without long learning curves."

Why Job?

Our company is radically rethinking how we hire transitioning military personnel. We want to make a meaningful impact to our hiring approach by securing military veterans wherever possible. Military skills and experiences are invaluable to us. Teamwork, problem solving, discipline, and critical thinking are things they do every day--not just words thrown around a conference room table . We can't rely on ineffective job boards, and we've had little success from the slew of veterans help organizations. We were searching for a solution that translates military experience and skills to the civilian job market. This will help our hiring mangers understand the complexities of military roles. We found our solution with Job."

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